Beyond 2016

Dear brothers and sisters.

Welcome to Brazil, welcome to Rio.

As I’m sure you know from TV and Internet, we’re not a perfect country. Don’t expect perfection from us. There’s still hunger here, there’s violence, there’s a lot of social injustice and all sort of problems that a country like ours can have.

But just like someone who is sick deserves to have fun, we can have a party too. we deserve to laugh, scream and be happy.

We’ve been trying for over five hundred years to overcome our problems, to overcome our fears and to seek for our happiness. But we’re still far way from this. So don’t be scared if some of the things you see here may not be as nice as you’re used to see in your land. We are sorry for that and even if sometimes it may not seem, we’re trying to change those things.

To help you understand us. It might be good for you to know that we brazilians, as a society, are more or less like you as a human being. Let me explain: we are one of the biggest democracies in the world, but some of us miss dictators. We’re a beautiful people that sometimes make horrible things. We make mistakes trying to make things right and sometimes we get lucky in our mistakes. We’re a modern society at the same time we tend to be afraid of the new. We too like to brag about our freedom, even if sometimes we don’t know what to do with that.

Weird? Yes. Just like that person you see in the mirror every morning. And that’s great. When you come here you don’t need to pretend to be perfect, because we are not and we don’t expect you to be neither.

Oh, and don’t worry, just like someone who are trying to impress a new friend, be sure that we’ll try our best to make your stand here as good as possible. We love to celebrate things, we love to dance, to sing, to scream out loud our love for life. and being the Olympics games one of the biggest celebration of the human beauty, there’s no better place to do that.

Beyond the gold medal, beyond the individual glory, beyond a broken record, please enjoy this Olympics games as a celebration of the human condition and how we, a small rock fluctuating in a dark sky, can be perfect in all our imperfections.

And don’t be afraid to be happy in a problematic country. We’re happy too.

Even if sometime all seem to go wrong.

Welcome and enjoy your stay.


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