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Probably the most fun article on the Ringer so far.

($5) Kawhi Leonard

($5) Anthony Davis / Boogie Cousins

($3) Giannis Antetokounmpo

($1) Jae Crowder

($1) Nicolas Batum

You just can’t make a list like this without Kawhi. He’s the best defender available, and has become elite offensively with or without the ball.

Davis is the stronger choice for two way play, but I believe neither Draymond or Durant could handle Boogie down low for a game let alone a series (#freeboogie) and he could be a codebreaker.

You can only afford one non-shooter, so I opt for Giannis and give him the keys, with Leonard and Batum available as secondary ball handlers.

Batum is undervalued at $1 (Tyreke Evans is 2? Really?), and he and Crowder have the requisite length and shooting to fill out this squad.

We know (thanks to Cleveland) what the Warriors weakness used to be, at least defensively: Curry. Attack Curry at all times, put him in the action, post him up with larger players, bump him and make life difficult for him. With this team, there is nowhere for Steph to hide.

Offensively, we don’t know what they will cook up with the Splash Family, but if you can somehow keep it together, the weak link will be Iguodala. Put the best help defender on him and let him shoot at will. The worst defender is Giannis and he’s 7 feet tall, so he’s not exactly an easy target.

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