La Collana di Tripo — The “Director’s Cut” of the new Malbianco’s single on Spotify, Youtube and iTunes

Starting from 13 November , is available on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Google Play Music “La Collana di Tripo” (IMDb) the new hit single from Malbianco upcoming new album “Galline Elettriche”. Here the official videoclip:


Turel Caccese: Written and Directed by, Animation

Michela Salvagno MUCO: Stop Motion, Drawings

Malbianco: Music & Produced by

Alessandro Salza: Sound Design

Some word from the Director about this videoclip:

In the last 20 years, we have had the opportunity to let ourselves be consensually enchanted by technology. We provided our data to get closer to other people, deluding us to annihilate loneliness with a placebos called “social networks”. What has emerged is that everyone, especially the younger ones, have become more isolated, locked up in their own homes. There is a Japanese term for defining the people who suffer from this condition, the HIKIKOMORI or those who have chosen to exclude human contact preferring a purely technological contact. This phenomenon from the 1990s to the present has spread with increasing intensity. However, this condition is not exclusive to Japan. After the early 2000s and with the advent of the internet, the rest of the world had to recognize this condition as a phenomenon that is far from rare.
From my personal experience, after having lived some years of my life in a similar condition, I have always sought in art a way to reveal the existence of these people and the causes that lead them to “choose not to choose” their own life. When I was contacted by the musical group Malbianco (Carlo Ferraro, Alessandro Salza and Antonio Paone) for an idea for an animated video taken from one of their new songs, I recognized in the lyrics written by Carlo a reference to the Hikikomori. The verse “Una stanza sotto al letto” (A room under the bed) was the idea of a world within one’s own personal world, a representation of something invisible but present. So, The script was written based on the meaning of the lyrics. The protagonist (designed by Michela Salvagno) is an androgynous figure, an indefinite and empty being, who will find himself having to face and his anxieties and fears, trying to get to the origin of them. This animated short film is aimed at a generation of people who feel lonely and at the same time is aimed those who want to deepen this condition in order to understand it.

Of this Videoclip, it exists a Director’s Cut Version for Film Festival and Big Screening. The Director’s Cut contains an unpublished mix of the Malbianco song and the full work of Sound Design by Alessandro Salza. For Info and distribuition contact Malbianco here

Interviews, Reportages, Music, Reflections, Alienation

Interviews, Reportages, Music, Reflections, Alienation