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The year 2019 is a strange year conditioned by real climate warnings, government leaps distorted by emoticons of kisses and dangerous returns to the fascist mentality. Behind the shadow of these predictions, the Music Festivals seem to be a last glimmer of concentration, in a world governed by notifications and content without conservation, where, as it should be, messages are replaced with dialogues, users are replaced with people. So I decided to document these apocalyptic simulations in order to understand exactly how much and how to survive in the event that we get to the point of making us feel good (by our will) the mental hell that we are feeding with the fire of ignorance.

My journey starts from the Ariano Folk Festival 2019 which comes out with a strong and stable edition in content and is preparing to celebrate its 25th anniversary. In fact, this edition inevitably serves as an intermediary, with increasingly strict certainties in musical qualities.

You can read an Italian full Report here and listen to all the Concerts clicking down below



Dahlìa (Italy) — Click here below for listen to the full concert

Immediately after DAHLÌA, something unexpected came from Algeria, a progressive band with 70s influences that has nothing to envy of groups like PFM, SOFIANE SAIDI & MAZALDA. Band that has been able to mix musical compositions in odd times with the North African tradition, coming to look like an Algerian Folk version of King Crimson.

Sofiane Saidi & Mazalda (Algeria) — Click here below for listen to the full concert

The night continued with the French AÄLMA DILI who, with their Gipsy Folk without percussion or beat, reached all those present below the stage. An Italian-French cover of “Io, mammeta e tu” has moved the minds and bodies of those present for days. In fact they started the first day with their energy and they never stopped playing (See the Live Stories Report at the bottom of the article to believe it)

The first evening ends with the energetic Dj Set of the Avellinese Vinyl Gianpy, former owner of a record store who decided to take his goods and consume it evening after evening on the plates of his DJ Set, entertaining his audience with signs written strictly by hand with ironic and wise messages.

Vinyl Gianpy DJ Set (Italy)


After the magic vocal notes of Uxìa, comes the Argentine guitarist / mandolinist Mintcho Garramone, One Man Band with modern tarantellistic and popular sounds, accompanied by a faithful computer, who improvised a piece on Ariano Irpino, before playing his vast repertoire. Mintcho was accompanied by percussionist Vivi Pozzebón (Argentina). The next day Vivi would play as the main guest in the company of Mintcho and Sergio Tannus. Here the complete concert of the third day (the last 10 minutes with all the artists coming together).

Mintcho Garramone & Vivi Pozzebòn (Argentina) — Click here below for listen to the full concert


Lost In Traditions: San Salvador (France) — Click here below for listen to the full concert

Without wasting any more time, Gaye Su Akyol, a Turkish singer who brings his origins to Pop, Rock and electronic streets, arrives on stage, without missing a complaint scene with the band’s disguises by monks. The show, provocative and rebellious, combines excellent psychedelic music with tradition without missing the irony and entertainment.

Gaye Su Akyol (Turkey) — Click here below for listen to the full concert

After Istanbul, the next stop is Cuba with the legend of Ska Natty Bo, accompanied by the Top Cats. Exciting Swing rhythms and upbeat times for an hour and twenty of musical relaxation. The voice of a great and energetic entertainer for a genre that inspired modern Dub rhythms.

Natty Bo & Top Cats (Cuba) — Click here below for listen to the full concert

The night ends with the selection of the London based Scratchy Sounds, Dee Jay (but also a good photographer) who saw the Punk scene create and dismantle before his eyes and then let himself be contaminated by every possible culture.

Scratchy Sounds (UK) with Pushin Woods (Netherlands) — Click here below for listen the Radio Kaos Italy Special Sessions

Backstage Bonus video: Mintcho Garramone VS Scratchy Sounds


Mercedes Peòn (Galicia) — Click here below for listen to the full concert

Immediately after the trumpeter Etienne Sevet with his new project The Bongo Hop that combines his Colombian origins with his experience as a French producer. Among Caribbean Salsa, Bossanova and anything that stimulates the body to dance, The Bongo Hop has given a dynamic, sensual and unexpectedly refined mood.

Etienne Sevet / The Bongo Hop (France) — Click here below for listen to the full concert

Without wasting time, you go to Andalusia with the Eskorzo, Band that I would dare to call Cumbia Electro Punk. Influences of every kind of verification from the alternative music of the 90s up to a mixing with the Latin music of group dances. Unclassifiable and unpredictable.

Image for post
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Eskorzo (Andalusia) (Photo by: Martina Maccione) — Click here below for listen to the full concert

The night ends with the Dutch Pushin Woods, a pair of DJs with fundamentally different styles that alternate in selections and challenges of all kinds covering much of Latin American music and all their subgenres.

Pushin Woods (Netherlands) — Click here below for listen to the Radio Kaos Italy Special Selection featuring Natty Bo


Neuza (Cape Verde) — Click here below for listen to the full concert


RUMBARISTAS (Spain, France, Belgium) — Click here below for listen to the full concert

After them comes one of the greatest modern exponents of Jamaican music, Skarra Mucci, rapper and lyricist who boasts collaborations with many groups (including the next two in the lineup) that moves the bodies and minds of the youngest under the stage. There is even an intermezzo in which he takes the basics of Eminem’s songs and reinterprets them, certainly something interesting, not only for connoisseurs of reggae-dub.

Skarra Mucci (Jamaica) — Click here below for listen to the full concert

The evening proceeds with the Visual show of L’Entourloop. With screens and projections from silent films and cartoons from the 1930s, they were not only musically but visually displaced.

(Fun Fact: During the Concert, Vivi Pozzebòn next to me said: look Turel, the old guys from the Muppets!)

L’ENTOURLOOP (France) — Click here below for listen to the full concert

The fourth day ends with the arrival of one of the most famous characters in the entourage of the reggae and dub electronics, Manudigital, accompanied by the voice from Deemas J which, besides being a guarantee of sound quality, keeps you glued under the stage to the end anyone thanks to his syncopatic and dynamic rhythm that mixes Hip-Hop with influences of dub electronic and Trance.

Manudigital & Deemas J (France) — Click here below for listen to the full concert


Marcel et son Orchestre (France) — Click here below for listen to the full concert

Immediately afterwards, the SUPERSAN Dj Set arrives, a Greek duo with Caribbean, Jamaican and African influences that unravels folk sounds possessed by electronic beats. A nice parenthesis, too bad for the lack of Visuals, their videos are something really interesting.

Supersan, Panama Cardoon and Mr. Kentro

From Barcelona, for the first time in Italy, Muyayo Rif, a Ska Punk group that reminded me of the time when I listened to Shandon, Meganoidi and Ska-P in throttle at the beginning of the 2000s. Their concert gave off an energy that recalled Pop and Punk atmospheres linked to the Radio Hit of the late 90s, without failing to sing pieces such as “Bella Ciao” and “Volare” by Domenico Modugno. A parenthesis with the electro Swing at mid-performance and a Ska Metal remix of “Make It Bun Dem” by Skrillex also demonstrated the versatility of this very interesting band.

MUYAYO RIF (Spain) — Click here below for listen to the full concert

The main Main Stage ends with the chameleonic DJ Set by Dox Martin (aka Martin Meissonnier)that starting from Afro Beat changes its shape into the most refined and precise Techno, without losing a beat and displacing the audience that magically found itself in an afternoon rave.

Around 7:30 pm to 8:00 am The carnival parade and the musicians of the Castle Stage and the Aperiworld (Mintcho Garramone, Vivi Pozzebon, Dj Panko, Lord Sassafrass, Scratchy Sounds) begin a Tour in the central part of the Ariano, while in the Volkskamp an event begins in collaboration with I-Sciamina Sound System that sees Ant aka A-Tweed, Jungla Est Dj Set, Nuri Vibes (from Tunisia) and finally Pushin Woods as Special guest, concert which lasted until night.

Image for post
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Nuri (Tunisia)

Next year will be the year of the long-awaited twenty-fifth edition, the silver wedding, perhaps one of the best editions we could attend at one of the most important festivals we have in southern Italy.

Audio Concerts: Radio Kaos Italy
Slow Motion, Gifs and Animations: tripARTvisor
Watch the Report Live Stories on Instagram (with mentions)

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