How to choose a Translation Agency? Do machines translate better than Humans? Why people use google translate?: All questions answered by a leading Turkish Translation Agency here!

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Can machines replace Humans in translation?

The answer is probably no! why ?

  1. Artificial Language Translation Machines can never be as effective as humans! Simply because machines can never understand the socio-linguistic context when an utterance or a sentence is translated

So; what is a context related linguistic ambiguity: let’s look at the sentence: The chicken is ready to eat!

What is the subject is here? The chicken? or is the subject actually an object? Confused? [ are we eating the chicken? or the chicken is eating something?

How will an artificial translation machine understand the linguistic context? If a sentence is ambiguous? How can we introduce over million context related scenarios to a machine?

Yes some argue saying million years ago watching a TV would have been an impossible dream. But now it is possible. So; does the same apply to machine translation. Definitely a big no! Machines don’t have emotions and will never be human-like when it comes to translation!

Therefore; for serious official document translation; always choose a professional Translation service! [ this article written by Turkish Translation London]

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