Thug Devotionals: Heaven for Gs… (volume 1)

Lincoln Price

Introduction (day 1)

The blood of Christ and his empty tomb signaled salvation for a new breed of THUG, True; Hostile; Untamed; Grace carriers, some people say Truly Honoured Under God. Jesus is the Master-Don, who commands all creation@ past, present and future, with authority that makes the combined wrath of brutal tyrants and ruthless thugs, like Genghis Khan, Cesar Nero, Hitler, Kim Jong Il, Duvalier, El Chapo, and Lloyd Coke seem like boys scouts in comparison. These are generally the kinds of people believers would avoid, quoting Psalms 1 in their defense. However, Jesus Christ walked this earth and befriended the thugs (Mark 2: 15–17). When one thinks of thugs they vision Tupac Shakur, Vybz Kartel and Pablo Escobar. If we reorient our minds to see the Apostle Paul (formerly a narcissistic Saul); Saints Peter and Matthew (aka Levi); the sons of thunder a term The Divine Rabbi himself gave to James and John; Zaccheus and King David as rogues or “thugs”, we will question ourselves, are we reaching out to the real targets of the Gospel? This book targets convincing former world convicts/thugs of their potential new squeaky clean status with the Kingdom of Heaven and the freedom to walk out a life of heavenly love.

Christ, our Supreme General indicated through the Prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 61 that the good news is to be shared with the poor; brokenhearted; mourners; and captives. He also indicated in St. Mark 2:16 that he came to transform sinners. The word sinner translated from the “street”/Koine Greek, is an immoral person. This is the exact definition of a thug. I am suggesting that the Son of God came to this spinning ball of hot gas for the transformation of, amongst other people, thugs; and if thugs and sinners have the same meaning of immoral persons, by Heavens standards this world is filled with thugs (Rom 3.23). But by and large, these neighbors are neglected in terms of resources localized to their reality. Therefore, Thug Devotionals is a discipleship resource for people who may have a spotty criminal record by society’s standards (even though the innocent blood of Christ has cleared their record with the Kingdom of heaven).

There is no shortage of devotionals all attempting to aid believers with navigating this road of martyrdom to Love. The genuine gospel of newness of life through hosting a relationship with Jesus Christ is impacting more “non-conventional” kinds of people. Genuine Christianity (the news that Jesus Christ has defeated every pain, error, evil, sickness, and disappointment and based solely on developing an intimate connection with him, we inherit a brand new life of total innocence), is attracting exactly the kinds of people that Jesus wanted to reach (Isaiah 61:1–2+ St. Luke 4:18+St. Luke 7:22+Matt 11:5). I have seen so much hunger for help with their walk in Jesus Christ by people who are called the “dregs of society”. Their common cry is that mainstream devotionals are too squeaky clean for them, and the “chicken soup for the soul” kind of approach, just doesn’t appeal to them. So …. if we really believe that Jesus’ blood was equally spilled for the prostitute and the preacher, this book targets giving help to the former crowd.

Thug devotionals (volume 1) targets 21 days of meditation and gospel “reasonings” focusing on:

Becoming love;

Diffusing vulnerability, anger and pain;

Embracing divine identity;

So strap up!!

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