Achieving recovery through detoxification

Turning Point
Sep 10 · 2 min read

According to an Office for National Statistics (ONS) report published last month, drug-related deaths in England and Wales are the highest they have been since records began in 1993. The 4,359 deaths recorded in 2018 also represent the highest annual increase ever, with 603 more deaths (a 16% increase) since 2017.

Whereas deaths previously tended to relate to opiates such as heroin and morphine, deaths involving cocaine have now reached their highest-ever level. Statisticians believe that many deaths which occurred in 2018 will be missing from these figures.

These deaths have been described by some experts as ‘predictable’ and ‘avoidable’, however budget cuts to treatment services (by 18% over the past 5 years, according to Jay Stewart, Turning Point’s Director for Public Health and Substance Misuse) have prevented lives from being saved.

Turning Point helps thousands of people to recover from drug and alcohol problems. We offer support to help reduce harm, providing clean needle exchange and blood tests. We offer guidance on cutting down and quitting, and a range of therapies and activities to help our users with recovery and through their professional and personal lives.

Our recovery-focused services in the Greater Manchester area and in Cumbria are specialist detoxification and rehabilitation centres offering a safe and supportive environment and a range of programmes designed to meet complex needs, personal circumstances and health problems.

We have a proven track record of helping our residents reach a better quality of life through medical detoxification. So far in 2019, 95% of service users successfully completed detoxification at our Smithfield service.

For more information and to speak to us or refer someone, visit our website.

Turning Point

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