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I want to die often.

The first time I admitted that, I was locked away in a psychiatric ward for six weeks. Escorted out of my therapist’s office with two police officers because I refused to comply.

So — aside from my partner — mainly I keep my feelings to myself.

Sometimes when it’s really bad, I can’t even talk to my partner. I reach out to a well-meaning stranger on the suicide hotline. Most times my son and my partner are my anchors. I’m not ready to leave a young, black boy alone in a world that doesn’t value his life. …

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In times of fear, the knee-jerk instinct is to do what is ‘right’, ‘needed’, ‘radical’.

We can be shamed into thinking that there is ONE way of doing things, or THE way to fight, resist or protest.

We can stop listening to ourselves because we don’t think we know any better.

We can be dragged into work that is not ours out of guilt, obligation or even pride.

We can choose to do the kind of work that we think will ‘serve’ or ‘help’ others.

We can fall back on work that “has always (seemed to) work for us and others”, because it’s safe (or is it?).

Everyone and their mama has a plan but most won’t work, here’s why…

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And Entrepreneurship (the act of creating an enterprise), remains a great mystery.

Entrepreneurship, as a creative process, is a mystery as deep as the ‘undiscovered’ ocean waters, of which we’ve seen less than 5% (still). Even the most robust and innovative frameworks in entrepreneurship (design thinking, business modeling and the lean startup approach) are just beginning to touch the surface in their understanding of how to create ‘something out of nothing’.

With failure rates close to 90% by the 3-year mark (for traditional businesses, most of which are run by white men) we can safely say that we know very little about starting a sustainable enterprise. And… it turns out that even unimaginable sums of money still can’t make you succeed or ‘create better’ as an entrepreneur. …


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