Learning How to Learn

Based on Davidson’s Ten Principles for the Future of Learning

Horizontal Structures- I have see this principle being enacted in quite a few of my classes and I think it is very valid. Actually understanding concepts and the application of materials is much more important than learning in the form of rote memorization. The best example of this would be my chem class where we are encouraged to understand how to apply an equation, rather then memorize every number and letter in the equation. This is more valuable because as adults we will be able to look up the equation online, but if we don’t have the skills to use it/apply it then there is no point.

From Presumed Authority to Collective Credibility- If I am understanding this principle correctly than I fully agree with it. The way I interpreted this was that due to the growing complexities of today’s issues, we must shift our perception of credibility. I consider this principle to be important, because now a days it is more valuable to have the collective perspectives of many individual on an issue, rather than one authoritative voice. I apply this principle to my life by always studying for tests in a group, rather than alone. By doing this I am learning from the opinions of many to create a stronger more inclusive whole.

A De-Centered Pedagogy- I believe strongly that there is value in utilizing every resources we have around us. Whether that be in the form of books, articles, Wikipedia pages or films. As times change, so do our resources. If you deny that, you deny a revenue of knowledge and thus you stunt your growth as a learner. When working on my own assignments, I always try to employ as many resources as possible in order to produce well educated and supported work.

Networked Learning- Learning how to work with other people is one of the most important learning principle of all. Understanding how to work productively and efficiently in a group is so valuable, because it is a skill used not only in school but in adult life as well. Countless jobs involve working with other individuals and it is a skill that transcends time. Almost every class I have taken since middle school has involved some form of a group project, so I use this principle constantly.

Lifelong Learning- This is so important! In an ever changing world, where new technology pops up every day, it is invaluable to recognize that there is never a point in which one can stop learning. I find this particularly relevant to my life and career path, because as an aspiring pediatrician I recognize that the world of medicine is constantly evolving and that there will always be something new to learn.

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