The Colors of my Life

Mauricio’s Lesson 11/21

After watching Inside Out I understood what Mauricio was talking about in his homework assignment. The movie really utilized colors to express the emotions of the characters, the feelings of the scenes and to engage the audience. This attention to detail and the impact it has on viewers is incredible!

When it comes to my own room, I realized that I am pretty surrounded by the color blue. I have blue sheets on my bed and a blue pillow case, my lamp is blue and the poster on my wall is blue. I also noticed that I wear a lot of blue! I would not say that it is the color I wear most, but I do wear it a lot. Other colors I wear include black and random colors like yellow, green and purple. I don’t know why I chose the colors I do to surround myself with, I think it could just be that they make me feel comfortable and cozy.

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