Learning to breathe

“I can’t breathe!” is a slogan am sure many of you have heard of mostly due to constant demonsrations helds years back in America in support of the slain Eric Ganer.He being a father of six would tell you how much of responsibility he had and how much her now widowed wife has to go through to raise the kids.This is not an article on the morality of the actions of those involved but on numerous deaths that we are witnesses to.In a time when the media has become our teacher and parents,many are left to the mercies of it.Look at my case,a guy almost 24 years.Many would expect that I am driving my own car,having a high-paying job and if not driving settled in life,going home after a long day at work and singing to my unborn child.That sounds like a typical life of 24 year old right? but in my life I wish that was true.I being a student can just wish, in a life governed by uncertainty,lack of motivation and sometimes a feeling of letting go.I have Tried programming,Basketball,making morning jog a habit and many other things but at the end of it fall off weeks or months into it.I can’t remember a habit I have kept unless sleeping and going to class.Does it fullfil me? No.Is it a failure on my side,I tend to think of it as it.call it mid twenties insecurities.Maybe am too sensitive?

Come to social media.Social media still plays a huge part in peoples life, I being one.Others as business avenues,others as meeting places and others as a place “life scale”.I have done the three.And what has really struck is the third which once in a while i find myself engrossed in.What i find manipulating and in a negative way is that People are constantly bombarded with information on what they should be.This not only misleads but put pressure on the youths who most like myself go through the same insecurities.Most are not in a position to fit in mostly financially and as a result of trying to fit in a lot go wrong.The problem is trying to fit in and forgetting the most important thing in life,being yourself and doing things in your own “time-zone” quoting from a recent article I read.And mostly avoiding yourself from the dangerous tendency of comparing yourself to others.

At my age,I feel chocked.Chocked that I can’t feet to the societies expectation.That at this age am not as many would expect.Having so many people looking and watching what you will become is tiring and especially mentally draining when you don’t have enough to show.It always feel like you are heading to a bottomless pit and you can’t help yourself.

This was me yesterday but today felt different.I woke up with a thought,a thought to take things easy,to not want to do all things at once,to not set unrealistic goals and just focus on what I can.A thought to call my girlfriend and tell her I miss her,the thought of not to worry so much about my future denieing myself the present.The thought to just do things as best as I think and in my own “time zone”.Does it feel different? It does

It feels different and peaceful.My take to anyone would be to take things easy if you are in the same situation or know someone in the same,everything will fall into plans when it should. Don’t worry so much about your future, as the religious would say will take care of itself.It doesn’t help worrying.Does it? So Next time when you feel that life is on your neck just relax and breathe.it saves a lot of headache and hurt.

Don’t be another Eric Garner chocked by Life.Its not that easy but its worth a try.Voluntarily Breathe and let life Flow.