Here’s The Play-By-Play Of Trump’s Nixonian Sixteenth Week As POTUS
Ahmed Baba

What trump is simply doing is trying to fight the power that J.F.Kennedy talked about and the globalist who want to reap from misfortunes of war and destruction are demonising Him and claim of Russian tie in any way possible.A closer look at it would tell you that those who say now that he erred in firing Comey are the same as the Democrat Black woman who was yapping that Comey’s credibility is questionable.They put forward claim but when Trump does as they please they change tune.Anyone can see the hypocrisy here.Trump wants a Stronger American ruled by God as the forefathers envisioned but the pedophiles,satanists,globalist won’t hear none of it because their satanic one world agenda is collapsing Anyone who doesn’t see that is either corrupted by the MSM or is just ignorant.Who wants sharia law in America and why does anyone criticise Trump for barring immigrants and mind you illegal ones.He dint bar legal ones but people ignore that because the agenda of the globalist is one world void of freedom,choice ,a police state but Trump is against that.I hope you the fourth estate will agree because you know to really tell the people what’s happening.Trump ain’t bad.He was elected democratically and whoever is benefiting and souring public hate for him are the globalists.People Need to see who the real enemy is.Thankyou and I stand to be corrected.That’s my two cents.

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