This is really helpful Chris.
Megan Keane

I’m a firm believer that all nonprofits should have paid marketing budgets. At minimum, Google AdGrants and a small social marketing budget, such as $100/month to use for boosted posts of owned content and very targeted ad campaigns.

I suggest $100/month as it’s an attainable and manageable amount to get started, and different organizations will find results vary. If organizations are not finding social marketing to be successful for them (particularly using Facebook and Instagram, but also Google Ads), then I suspect they’re doing something wrong in content or targeting. Twitter marketing has been more cost prohibitive and less successful, in my experience, but that may also change as the network continues to evolve.

For those who find success with $100/month in social marketing will want to re-prioritize spending accordingly.

ps… you are TOO KIND! Thank you! :) It’s a pleasure and honor to be considered part of the NTC community.

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