I’m a hopeless romantic

And by hopeless I don’t mean the I-believe-in-love-against-all-odds kinda hopeless. I suck at being romantic. I find the idea of being romantic awkward and cheesy, so the hype that surrounds Valentine’s Day always leaves me feeling uncomfortable.

I’ve never watched the Notebook, I think date nights are silly, I chuckle whenever the lights are dimmed and the idea of watching 100 awkward dates unfold around me in a restaurant makes me feel lethargic. And to make things worse, Valentine’s Day chocolates are not on my eating plan.

Valentine’s Day ideas for hopeless romantics

In a bid to give my significant other a memorable Valentine’s Day this year, I decided to ask some real hopeless romantics (who live by the Notebook BTW) what their ideal Valentine’s Day looks like. I was completely out of ideas — here’s what they had to offer me:

Hopeless Romantic #1 — The Adventurer

Suggestion: My friend Nkwazi says Valentine’s dates are for fun activities. She nixes dinner and roses for dance classes, abseiling and zip-lining.

Pros: These activities are great for new/potential relationships. There’s enough going on to avoid awkward silences, and there’s room for flirtation, particularly if it’s still early days and you’re not sure what’s going on.

Cons: Sweat. Fun activities can lead to sweating, or death. I feel like Nkwazi confuses the objectives of Valentine’s Day with the objectives of a ‘year of living dangerously’.

Hopeless Romantic #2 — The Liker Of Things

Suggestion: Thandi’s ideal Valentine’s Day date is a romantic breakfast on a yacht.

Pros: Yachts are great. Champagne breakfasts — amazing. The sea is beautiful. Excellent instagram potential.

Cons: Potential sea sickness. Anything involving breakfast and the ocean requires one to commit to an early morning, wade through crowds and potentially witness an engagement proposal.

Hopeless Romantic #3 — The Reformed Player

Suggestion: After a few inappropriate jokes, Thomas revealed his game plan to me: a gourmet picnic.

Pros: You can choose your location; backyard for privacy, beautiful picturesque outdoor setting for atmosphere. And when it comes to food, gourmet picnic food is delicious.

Cons: Picnics are great theoretically, but there’s the insect situation. And the lack of cutlery, crockery and seating means that you have to lug a whole lot of stuff around.

This Hopeless Romantic’s Game Plan

Semi-inspired by the suggestions above, I may get my plus one a card and maybe even a gift this year, or an indoor picnic, but I don’t think I’ll go all out just yet. I am not anti-Valentine’s Day, but the above is laced with loads of pressure and parmesan.

What I will do is ensure that I rest up on Valentine’s Day, because you know that all that unsold Valentine’s Day hard candy will be half price on the 15th, and I want the good stuff.

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day?

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