Dear Mark Zuckerberg
Susan Lyne

Also, and I’m not trying to bully you or shame you, it’s just this opinion, and defense really, is so amazingly frustrating. The US is 42 percent independent or no party preference voters. How is it possible to not recognize the growing discord and dissonance between the population and the gov and the private parties and corp-people that think they can just shove a candidate on the population, with all her experience and insider statues (we’ve been at constant war for 15 frickin years; rights have been taken away to fight it; part, the most identifiable part, considering the muddied waters, of her platform was to continue bringing “order” to the middle east; huh?) when the majority favor neither party, and quite frankly don’t even want there name associated with either the donkeys or the elephants…unless they’re at a petting zoo.

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