Melissa, I think your comments illustrate my point.
Carter Brooks

Don’t you think Cusack’s quote about Afghanistan and the dissonance he felt from those at home plays into the lack of “enthusiasm.” I get called a conservative or progressive depending on who I’m talking to all the time, but the clearest element of her platform since she actually said it with her mouth, was her intentions in the middle east to continue reducing the chaos, which based on the actions taken in the past and the current situation, didn’t make a whole lot of sense: the middle east is more chaotic than ever and US actions has indeed played a big role. I mean, have you wondered why suicide and severe depression is going up with veterans? Anyways, how about get a better candidate next time? (BTW: lots of my veterans friends in CA signed up as NPP this year rather than Republican, mainly because they supported Sanders opinion, despite the word socialism, that maybe perpetual wars with vague and muddied objectives isn’t the best idea: unfortunately, most of them, like I did, received provisional ballots because many polling places didn’t even stock crossover ballots.) And if you’re even slightly competing with Trump in the scandal dept, not to mention have your 30000 pieces of your diary on the internet, you might not be the best candidate.

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