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With this type of argument, expect 8 years instead of 4. As an independent who votes left and right, more left in last decade, and someone who voted for Bernie (or at least tried but like many NPPs in CA like me, I was given a provisional ballot), and someone begrudgingly did vote for HC (I have a problem with what happened and is happening in libya, and didn’t grasp her ‘reducing chaos’ argument), I think it’s important for the DNC and the 10% of registered voters who selected her, to know most people are sick of both parties and our equally sick of having to pick a bush or a clinton every year. If you want to be the “party of the people,” why not listen to the majority of people residing outside the echo chamber of both parties. In the end, BS (acronym for you) should have brought up the emails more during the primary, since it was an obvious issue. Legal or not, you’re opponent has a bunch to work with. Also, if it really was about Bernie supporters, all she had to do with say something, anything at all about the DAPL, because it completely dampened her “environmental champion” argument. Anyways, hope everybody can chill out and focus on how not to make this not the last 4 years of are union.