Scrap the Schedule: Sorry Guys, Another Slight Delay

We’ve now filled pretty much every spot on the fast-approaching beta test for TweetPilot and everyone’s name, email and Twitter handle has been neatly entered into a spreadsheet… But we’ve hit another delay.

We decided (sensibly) to talk to a few likely users of TweetPilot to discover what it is they expect from a Twitter app… The problem was that many of the ideas they were suggesting weren’t features of TweetPilot. Could we be preparing to launch a product that didn’t possess the features people actually wanted to use.

Instead of ignoring these ideas and suggestions to speed up the development and get to the beta test as soon as possible, we opted for the harder, longer-term option which was to work on the viable ideas and get them implemented into TweetPilot.

What this does mean is TweetPilot is becoming even better than we had envisaged. Tools we’d not contemplated. Features we’d neglected.

We want TweetPilot to become your go-to tool for managing your following and followers so these additions are going to make that incredibly simple. Not only will you be able to unfollow those who don’t follow you back, but in the latest version of TweetPilot we’re giving you the ability to unfollow inactive users and block (stopping them from messaging and following you) users who are deemed spammy.

We’re also adding advanced search filters which will allow you to exclude anyone with a high probability of being a spam account and also limit results to those who are likely to be an influencer based on your keywords.

And then there’s Pricing Changes

Our original pricing had many options from free through to $79.95. After a long chat we’ve simplified the pricing on TweetPilot. Obviously if you’re registered to beta test TweetPilot your first year is 100% free.

We’re now going for three options with all new accounts receiving a 10 day free trial of the pro account:

a) Free: This will be a fairly limited account which will give people a chance to play around with the app.

b) Pro ($9.95 per month): This will be the most popular plan which gives users unlimited access to all of TweetPilot’s features for 1 Twitter account ($4.95 for each additional account).

c) Agency ($49.96 per month): Identical to the pro plan but with the advantage of being able to add an unlimited number of Twitter accounts.

So that’s where we’re at. It feels like we’ve been working on TweetPilot for years now but we’re getting close. Thanks for your patience everyone and if you have any questions just ask :)

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