Finally, it’s looking like we’ve ridden out the bumpy ride of building a web app from nothing after months of bug fixes, additional features and testing. After what seems to have been an endless journey, could we be close to launching? Hopefully.

The last few months have not only been…

Thank goodness for testing! It does seem like a process of taking 1 step in the right direction and then 2 in the wrong but those backwards steps are getting smaller and smaller.

You spend testing hunting for little bugs and glitches in your app. Perhaps something isn’t loading quite…

Testing. Probably one of the most exciting parts of launching our app. We’ve only had a chance to play with an initial version of TweetPilot but we loved it. But with that initial test came a long and growing list of bugs, tweaks and typos that all needed fixing.

But it was this bug that summed up why testing, re-testing and re-re-testing is so vital to any startup app.

Imagine that going out on the live, public version of the app. It’s thanks to thorough testing, and @Willcyt replying to the Tweet, that we were able to add it to our list of fixes.

We’ve kept the Tweet live to remind of us of the early days of TweetPilot so in months and years (hopefully) to come, we can look back on it and remember how we got where we will hopefully be.

Friday 12th, 14.30. That’s when we received the most recent version of TweetPilot. The first, fully functional version of our Twitter marketing app. Excited? Well that goes without saying.

Within a matter of minutes we had our test accounts set up, Twitter profiles linked and were using the app to…


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