The Tweetak Story

At Tweetak our goal is simple, we offer a community where we connect people and businesses to the right audiences on Twitter.

With that in mind on Tweetak we call Twitter users, Publishers. Publishers are associated with a topic that represents there followers whether it may be entertainment, travel, political etc. Publishers then use there Twitter account to advertise to there audience for a fee.

Now as a person or business owner you can use Tweetak to connect with a publisher whose followers are interested in the same kind of services or products that you offer.

Resulting in a business that advertises to an audience that’s particularly interested in what their selling, therefore leading to more potential customers and creating an income for the publisher just by advertising content that they are genuinely interested in.

So whether you are a business looking to expand your social media recognition or a Twitter account holder looking to offer more valuable content to your followers while making an another income, Tweetak can be a community that’s perfect for you!

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