Do You Care?

Over the years I’ve met many talented developers, designers and engineers with wildly different characters and attitudes towards their work and the company they work in. One type particularly interesting to me are the colleagues who do not give a damn about anything outside of a 5m radius around their desk 🤔.

There are brilliant people out there solving problems fast and reliable who do not care what the product is, what other teams or departments do, about the company culture or the teams vision. Team events are avoided, get-togethers missed. They’re not using, sometimes are not even familiar with the companies product.
So… should they? They feel comfortable where they are, just want to code, earn their money and are happy with the status quo. That’s understandable to me.

Regarding a healthy company culture though, I consider these type of colleagues neutral. Ideally.

The best thing that can happen to a company though, are motivated, talented employees who work hard on making it an awesome place for everyone, even if it means to shake things up. Who may complain, but also go there and just fucking do what is necessary. They also might have higher ambitions — getting better at their main skillset, becoming a leader, taking some steps in their career, become a name in the community or simply push with all their passion to the companies vision. These people will sometimes hit roadblocks. Roadblocks in the form of people afraid of change.

If you are a person driven by purpose, ambition and positive change then please, don’t stop. Continue this path and as I wrote in Episode 5: stay positive. Have tolerance for the colleagues who are not as motivated as you or are even afraid — it’s totally fine but talk openly about your efforts if they work actively against you (by bad-mouthing your efforts or something like that). If you care for the product, the customers and the company — you’re the best employee the company can wish for. Keep up our efforts and eventually even your not-caring colleagues will come to the office with a smile 😄instead of a neutral face 😐.
Thanks to you.

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