The Bright Side ☀️

Are you complaining a lot about your work? Your manager? The work environment, projects or clients? You’re not alone. But you might want to consider joining a much smaller group of people.

Sitting in the office kitchen, drinking a coffee and talking with coworkers about how bad our bosses treat us or how much of a failure a specific process is, is something I’ve experienced a lot in my professional life and participated myself in the beginning. But reconsidering my attitude towards this negativity changed a lot for me.

At some point I thought to myself — we’re complaining about this thing for months now… apparently we all know it better than the manager but nobody tells them? Or they won’t listen? Or we don’t know it better because we don’t know what our manager knows? Time to find out and change things.

I started to look at problems in my work environment like I look at bugs in my code. There is always a symptom — like working overtime for months or weird processes I needed to follow; and a cause — like bad planning (maybe on my part?) or lack of understanding (maybe from me?). I tried to find the cause and come up with solutions. Everything that I disliked became a challenge to find a better way, present it as an improvement and motivate people to join me by trying another way.

Everyone can complain. It’s the easy part.
Only few are able to change things.

When I started to focus on the positive things and tried to come up with ideal solutions for everything I thought was not working properly, things changed immensely. They teams complains fell to a minimum and the spirit turned into a positive one. Instead of having 5 developers complain all the time, we had 5 developers focusing on the product, improvements and vision. Lifting each other up and having a positive attitude towards everything. Rough timelines or obstacles became a challenge we can solve as a team 💪 instead of a reason to moan and go home unhappy.

The effect on my stress level was another huge thing. Freaking out about constant problems without being able to get my head off of it — even at home — versus tackling the problem in a relaxed, positive way during working hours is a night and day difference.
Additionally, your colleagues, team members and managers experience you as a motivated, positive person capable of tackling problems professionally and able to motivate & lead others to achieve something.

Wouldn’t you rather work with someone who says “YES! let’s do it” than finding problems everywhere and refusing to get on board? Guess what, it’s the same for your coworkers.

Focus and praise what works and see problems as a challenge you’re motivated to tackle and the attitude, stress and happiness from yourself as well as your coworkers will change for the better.

Try it and let me know how it went.

All the best,

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