Immersion Cooling System-3NO Effects

Imagine a Quiet Mining Factory Without Any Dust or Heat

Most mining facilities use cooling fans for maintenance. However, this method cannot handle the heat but only shift it around, eventually making the entire room too hot. Considering that mining facilities operate on a much bigger scale than any other miners, the heat generated is very extreme. To solve this situation, TwelveShips has developed a cooling system. Our cooling system, the Immersion Cooling System, operates under three principles. No Dust, Noise and Heat. Using a dielectric liquid, miners will be cooled down instantly without getting their circuits fried! Also, over clocking can be performed thanks to an instant, non-stop cooling system. Not only can our method take care of dust, noise, and heat by putting it in water, but also increased efficiency on a huge scale.

Without Immersion Cooling System/With Immersion Cooling System