In-house ASIC Chips

It’s really nothing, just a cutting edge semiconductor made using Samsung tech

What is an ASIC Chip?

An ASIC Chip is a semiconductor customized for a specific use. As great Hash Power comes with great profitability, we designed our own ASIC Chips focusing on high performance, high stability, and low consumption to create more income.

High Performance

Using ASIC Chips Designed by NEXELL and manufactured by Samsung Semiconductor foundry, we developed a device that is more compactable, but functions at a whole new level. We adapted this technology to PANOKSEON, our mining device. Just like the saying “The smaller, the shrewder” PANOKSEON can perform on a bigger scale. Not only is it 10% smaller than average devices, but it also has an increased efficiency of 15%, using only 19kW of electricity to generate 250 TH/s.

High Stability

The problem most miners possess is a weak stability against high temperature and a dusty environment. TwelveShips has simply solved that matter by applying an Immersion Cooling system. Using a dielectric engineering liquid, the devices are harmless of any damage and also heat and dust. Not to mention getting rid of all the noise caused by the motors running. This inert material allows miners to operate by their full potential and plus by drastically cooling. This 2 phase Immersion Cooling System can also provide a method to not only increase stability, but also lower the costs when operating. Also, by handling the weaknesses of a machine, PANOKSEON can operate up to 80% overclock without any issues.

Low Consumption

As mentioned above, while the Immersion Cooling System can eliminate any obstacles from high performance, it can also take care of energy consumption adapting a Thermal Difference Generation System. A turbine attached to the containers rotates the generated heat, and converts it to energy. This method allows miners to save energy by almost 30%, which users can create more income by reducing costs for maintenance.