TRON Pet Planet — A clear and in-depth breakdown of the game and how to play!

Feb 5, 2018 · 8 min read

TRX Dogs, TRON Dogs, TRON Pet Planet — many names, one game!


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Let’s begin!

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Let’s start with a breakdown of the TWO features/options in the game, currently:

  1. Buy TRX Dogs.

2. Buy a Store and sell TRX Dogs.

Now you might be thinking:

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“That’s it?!…..Only Buying and Selling?! how disss a game?!?”

Well, let me help you understand.

Let’s dive into a deeper discussion of the game.

1. Buying TRX Dogs

Currently, you can buy the dogs through the “Browse random pets” page and the “ Browse random stores” page located in the market: here.

Each dog costs only 200 TRX, at the moment.

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Additionally, with each dog you purchase, you also automatically receive a FREE, random* amount of GTC per dog.

  • (Amount ranges from 10 GTC to 75 GTC, in my experience buying)
  • You can then keep the GTC in your game wallet, or exchange them for TRX.

EDIT: I have been told that you can only exchange GTC for TRX when you reach at least 1,000 GTC.

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Currently, the exchange rate is: 1 GTC = 5 TRX.

#1 Pro-Tip Example:

Let’s assume:

You buy a TRX Dog for 200 TRX.

  • With that dog purchase, you also receive your FREE random amount of GTC, lets say for this dog you got: 40 GTC.


You pay: 200 TRX.

You receive: 1 TRX Dog + 40 GTC

[Optional] Exchange your free 40 GTC for 200 TRX in a 1 to 5 ratio.

End Result = 1 TRX Dog + 200 TRX.

Essentially, you bought the TRX Dog for free, or “broke even” due to the free GTC you received and exchanged back into TRX.

However, like I mentioned above, the GTC range seems to be between 10 to 75 GTC per dog.

If you are lucky enough to get greater than/equal to 40 GTC for a dog, you will break even or even make TRX profit while still owning the dog.

#2 Pro-Tip Example:

Each TRX Dog belongs to a different rarity category.

The order of categories from least rare to most rare are:

Common → Rare — > Epic → Legendary.

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TRX Dogs — Rarity Guide Graphic

If it isn’t obvious, the more rare a Dog is, the higher likelihood of eventually selling it for a profit is.

More rare = less supply

less supply = more demand

more demand = higher price per dog

**Remember: Each dog, regardless of rarity, costs only 200 TRX.**

For this reason, it would be advised to prioritize buying the rarest dog you come across for max potential future profits.


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all “Common” rarity dogs

at the moment, almost ALL of the dogs you will come across in the market are of common rarity.

The reason behind this is simple: existing shops at the moment do not have the ability to restock their store with pets (feature currently work-in-progress)

For this reason, the only chance you have to get the more rareer dogs is during the daily new store releases.

There are 10 store licenses available for purchase daily, with a max limit of total stores set at 10,000 stores.

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Currently at ~1400/10,000 stores.

When someone buys a new store, they get a random assortment of dogs in their store, with the possibility of having some rare dogs in there.

Since only 10 stores are now being sold daily, everyone and their mothers waits until the stores are available for purchase and then when the new stores are bought and opened, everyone flocks to buy the more rare dogs, leaving only common dogs left.

Until the restock feature is added to the game, your only way of buying rare, epic or legendary dogs will be by racing everyone else during store releases.

First come, first serve basis.

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Faded out images are sold out. Only commons remain.
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At the moment, that’s about it in terms of BUYING TRX Dogs.

The team is currently putting most of their effort into / working on releasing the mobile app version of the game within the next week, by Feb 10th 2018.

After the mobile version is released, they will redirect almost all of their focus and energy into implementing additional features into the game such as breeding and customizing dogs, restocking stores with additional dogs, mini-games with your dogs, trading dogs with other users, etc.

Specific details regarding these “to-be” added features have not been released. We can expect that the team will provide us with more information once we come closer to that deadline.

Around this time period, the team will also be ready to confidently release the updated and polished Japanese and Korean versions of the game, which will indefinitely increase the game’s user-base and activity level.


crammed a lot of info there, sorry!

Still with me? Good!

Let’s discuss Stores in more detail.

#2. Buying a Store and Selling TRX Dogs.

10 store licenses are sold once-a-day at the specified time listed on the website. These stores always sell out within minutes, so you have to be quick if you want one.

  • Cost of buying a Store: 20,000 TRX

Included with this purchase:

  • 1 permanent pet store (1 out of the 10,000 max total stores allowed), includes customizable store URL.
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  • 1 FREE banner promotion to use on your store’s page, (5 MB)
  • 130 TRX Dogs to sell in your store + 5 Mystery Boxes that sell at 400 TRX each.

How much can you make?

Let’s assume you sell out.

130 dogs @ 200 TRX per dog + 5 Mystery Boxes @ 400 TRX per each= 28,000 TRX.

From this 28,000 TRX, you have to subtract the GTC that is given away to your customers per each dog purchase.

I’ve asked around, and the average amount of GTC given out during a full store sell out is about 4800 GTC, or the equivalent of 24,000 TRX.

28,000 TRX — 24,000 TRX = 4,000 TRX earned

50% of earnings goes to the game, 50% earnings goes to you as the owner.

[50% of 4,000 TRX] = 2,000 TRX earned per sold out store.

You would need to sell out 10 times to recover your initial investment of 20,000 TRX, and then every other “selling out” will profit you 2,000 TRX, or about 10% ROI.

Not too shabby, but WAIT, there’s more, lol.

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The team recently announced that since the restocking feature is not yet available, that they will automatically restock your store for free with 130 dogs once you sell out of the initial 130 dogs you started with.

This is huge. If you can market your store enough, and manage to sell out a few times, with free restocking, there is some potential profit to be made.

Anddddddd, that just about wraps it up.

I do want to end with a few final words to those that do not understand this game/see the “fun” in it, and thus tend to unnecessarily hate on it.

I’d like to help you see the possible potential of this game by comparing it to a similar game in this genre, a game that TRX Dogs was inspired by, but also looks to improve upon, CryptoKitties.


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Released: November 28th 2017 (~2 months 8 days ago)

As of today, February 5th 2018, the:

Highest price paid for 1 Kitty: $114,481.59

Total Sales: 279,870
Total Unique Kittens Sold: 219,359
Total Ether Sold: 37,877.80 ether
Total USD Sold: $19,564,469.88

Average Sale Price: $69.91
Median Sale Price: $12.31


I am not saying with 100% confidence that TRON Dog’s will have anywhere near the level of success CryptoKitties have had, but what I AM saying is to just keep your mind open to the possibilities.

FINALLY, the cherry on the very, very top of it all:

….this February 16, 2018 is:

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How is the Chinese New Year celebrated?

  • Traditionally, kids would be given red envelopes stuffed with ‘lucky money’/”New Years money” along with positive wishes on New Year’s Day.
  • Some teens now have red envelope apps, so their relatives can transfer cash digitally.

Imagine if this game somehow becomes a cultural fad this year in China, with citizens wanting to gift dogs to each other as a gesture of good fortune and good luck.

Everyone would NATURALLY also want to own their own fancy, “good luck charm” virtual dog, too, right? ;)

Hey, all I’m saying is, if fidget spinners were a thing last year, I see no reason why TRX Dogs can’t be this year. Crazier things have happened.


If this article has helped you in anyway, or you think it can help others better understand the game, please feel free to share it and spread the knowledge! This helps the TRX community as a whole, while also helping me spread my work and writing with others.

Who knows, maybe we’ll even catch Justin’s attention. 🙏

Follow me on Twitter as well as on Medium to keep up to date with me and my latest articles!


~to each and every one of my 1.2K followers here on Medium and 370 followers on Twitter for your constant support! This all started less than a month ago for me, so the overwhelming amount of support has been incredible.

Thank you.

If you would like to spread the love and donate ETH or TRX, here’s my address:


Till next time,


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