Black America, please stop appropriating African clothing and tribal marks.
Zipporah Gene

I can’t help but agree with all that you wrote. As a Ghanaian living in America, I often times see my tribal cloth — Nwentom(or what it is commonly referred to, Kente) and symbols being appropriated by various Africans and African Americans. It is disheartening as it is not meant to be worn as a fashion or just worn like that as it is often worn at weddings, funerals, celebrations of a birth, and festivals. The people that I see wearing the cloth have diluted the meaning and the value that it has for my people(Akan tribe).

African Americans have built themselves a rich culture and I see no reason why they think it is right to openly appropriate various African tribes and depreciate cloths and symbols that have centuries of sentimental value to its people. Just because we share the same colour does not excuse the fact that they can go forth and take it.

Centuries have passed and African Americans have moved on and so have the various tribes in which their ancestries hailed from. There is no direct culture connecting Africans to AAs and the other way around. AAs will never understand the struggles that Africans go through and Africans will never understand the struggles that AAs go through.

Embrace the culture that AAs have built in America and stop seeking others.