What kind of Twicer are you?

In just a couple of months of Twicer’s short life, we have identified some Twicer archetypes. Take the quiz and find out which one describes you best!

The Coach

You have a fierce desire to teach, to help, and watch people grow to be better people. You inspire and support your audience in honing and improving their skills.


The Reporter

You cover news as it happens. You’re the witness who records and distributes breaking news spanning many topics.


The Nomad

You are a world traveler, always on the move for recreation or business purposes. You love to share the best that life has to offer — from simple pleasures to pure luxury — wherever you are.


The Comedian

You are always up for a good laugh! You can’t help but entertain people with jokes, pranks, or just playing the fool. You’re often involved in experiential and observational reporting.


The Candid

You are not super comfortable in front of a camera but you have the guts to try to express yourself. You don’t care what people think; you’re here for your own self improvement.


The Hawker

You are an entrepreneur who will do anything to get your products seen. You’re often found engaging in banter with customers. You love showing off different facets of your product or your entrepreneurial life.


So — what do you think? Right on target? Way off base? Tell us! hello@twicer.tv

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