Twigeo’s first blog post: Nailing the Creative for Google UAC

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OK, Google UAC. I want scale. I want efficiency. What do you need from me?

A major key for quickly achieving the desired scale and efficiency on Google UAC is to provide the maximum amount of enticing assets, or “building blocks” for the machine learning optimisation models to iterate and work off from.

UAC creates dozens of different permutations of ad formats on the fly. By providing as many “building blocks” as possible, you greatly increase your chance of finding iterations that work, which then gives you learnings and clear direction for your next creative refresh.

You may be short-changing your campaigns if you simply provide say 4 or 5 assets for display, 2 horizontal Youtube videos, and some random text callouts that you grabbed quickly from the app store listing without thinking. By strategically picking your text ads and pushing for breadth across majority of specs on display and Youtube, the Machine Learning model has a better chance at finding the best iterations to run.

Makes sense! Where exactly do these assets run?

Google UAC runs ads in different formats on nearly all parts of the Google Network, for example Google Play Homepage, Google Play Search, Search Ads, YouTube Native, Gmail App Install, Admob (all sizes) and YouTube.

If you are more interested in the specific placements, then you can check them out here:

Good to know! What should I run for my Text Creatives?

Thanks for asking, let’s break it down:

Text Creative (4 Total)

  • These need to work as independent lines of text, and need to be enticing and educational about the app.
  • A lot to accomplish in 25 characters right? It can be done.
  • UAC will then optimise toward best combinations over time, as the text lines show in pairs.

Roger that, what do I need for Youtube?

Youtube inventory has changed over time and there are more formats available than you may think. Let’s discuss the best practices:

Youtube Videos (20 Total)

  • The more the merrier (upload 20 in various lengths and themes). However, keep in mind: The first few seconds of your video are the most important. What will make the user avoid the dreaded “SKIP” button so they watch and then take action?
  • Sound: it is better to have it but it won’t make or break your video. Focus efforts on the content.

And last but not least, display assets?

Yes, your banner ads are just as important, and you can get your message across using one static image, or testing out gifs as well! Here are the details to keep in mind:

Display Assets (20 Total)

Image Content Tips

  • Keep text minimal and readable. These ads are on your phone and can be very small :)
  • Include app store badges and your logo to give your ad credibility. If you are concerned app store badges make the asset “off-brand”, test it out on just a couple and check performance, it may be worth it.
  • Use HD images (e.g. 72 dpi, upload 640x100 for 320x50)

Now you are completely buttoned up on the creative front for your UAC launch! You’re giving the machine learning models a ton of good stuff to work with. Obviously creative isn’t the only thing that goes into running successful UAC campaigns, but that’s another story for another post.

Thanks for reading!


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Twigeo is a full-service global marketing agency with offices in Stockholm and New York.

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