Opposing Pay to Stay
James Swindlehurst

I’m not sure I understand the maths used here and I’m only going on what is contaned in the article. 
If the rent rise is 15p for every £1 over a threshold this is not a 15% increase in rent . 
For instance, using the example above — a family with £50,000 income earn £19,000 over the £31,000 threshold and therefore can expect a 19000 x 15p increase in rent or £2850 a year / £237.50 a month. New rent total 650+237.50 = £887.50. This is actually a 36.5% rise using the example above. I don’t disagree with your sentiment, but this article is factually incorrect: ironically the correct figures without exaggerations would actually make a stronger case for opposition.

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