Day 02 : another road

Twinkle everyone :)

Here comes episode 2!

As you guys probably know, I’m a student in a graphism & design school, which means that from the point of view of a designer, my theme (Immersion) and my subject (Video Games) are too broad! I need to bring some precisions and to confront them to another domain. For that, I’ve chose Physiological Captations.

When I was younger, there was this baseline that stayed a long time in my mind: “You are the controller”. For those of you who have recognized, it is the baseline of the Kinect ad! It was wonderful! For the first time in the history, you didn’t need any controller at all to play! Well… Not exactly the first time: talking of the Wii and the Wiimote.

Star Wars Kinect Ad

About that, I would like to make an aside: from my point of view, the Nintendo’s console was way more immersive than the Microsoft’s one. Remember in the last episode when we were talking about the marks of the real world? Well that was the exact function attributed in the Wiimote: you could clearly imagine that it was a sword, a tennis racket, or anything else! This lack to the report of real was a point missing to Microsoft.

Anyway, back to the Kinect ad. As I said, at that time it was simply amazing! But now that I think of it, I feel a bit cheated… (Whether it is Microsoft, Nintendo or even the Playstation Move!) All those new technologies simply allowed to capture our gestures in space. I am NOT the controller, but my body is. What about all that happen within my body? What about my heart rate? My blood pressure? The behavior of my eyes? My sweating? Why does all those parameters are not included in the game? These questions made me specify my field of research. So now, I’m looking for video game projects that include those kind of captures!

Last October (2015), Ubisoft presented O.zen (also known as Innergy). O.zen capture your heart rate and help you relax and manage your stress through exercises and mini-games. Almost what I was looking for! Why “almost” you ask? Because they first prioritized the curative aspect before the playful aspect! Happy surprise: the designer that worked on the project, Nicolas Baumgartner, is also one of my teachers!

O.zen project from Ubisoft

You also need to know that the physiological captations are Ubisoft’s actual field of research. They’re working with the Council of Researches in Natural Sciences and in Engineering of Canada (CRSNG in french) and they invested 400 000$ and 340 000$ last year in the project.

Well, that’s all for today ! If you guys want to react, feel free !!