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If you either need to quickly deploy small API or just decided to migrate your codebase to leverage advantages of AWS Lambda, you can use a powerful combo of Flask and Serverless framework. In fact, any WSGI application such as Django or so.

There are of course other solutions how to do that, either packing and uploading your app by yourself or using Zappa. …

I have heard many rumours about hosting a website or platform on AWS. Many saying things like ‘AWS is not as efficient as ‘old-school’ hosting and/or a vertically scaled server somewhere in your server room…’ I’m not going to argue this point because it would be akin to arguing with MAGA voters. So, let’s ignore these haters and take a direct look at why AWS saves you money and offers more power, performance, scalability, reliability etc. than anything you could put together yourself — it’s the reason why everybody is moving to AWS.

To understand why this is the case, let’s take a direct look at some examples using our platform, AUTOPROP. …

At AUTOPROP, we’re always looking for ways to streamline our development processes. Our team is in beautiful central Europe — Budweis, Czech Republic, but our customers are in the far West of Vancouver, Canada. And, because we heavily leverage AWS, our production and staging servers are in Portland, Oregon. Distance = latency, and for years now we’ve just dealt with it.

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Response from Budweis to AWS regions — thanks

Last week, I was chatting with a good friend of mine about this, and he suggested we try — queue the buzz word — ‘backendless’ development in Angular. …

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