A Look At The Best Laser Hair Removal Machines

There are so many laser hair removal machines available on the market it may be hard to find one. Let’s take a look at the main features to look for when choosing the right device for your needs.

Hair & Skin Tone

The most vital thing to consider when deciding which laser hair removal machine to buy is your skin tone. Those with fair skin and hair can use any product. Those with darker skin, red hair or grey hair will not be able to use certain devices including the Tria and Silk’n Flash & Go. However the Me Smooth from Tanda works for all skin tones and hair colors. Picking the right device will ensure the best results.


Prices for laser hair removal devices can vary. On the high-end of the spectrum we have the Tria 4x laser and the Tria Precision which both utilize diode laser technology which is considered optimal. Despite its high price consider the fact that the price of one Tria device is approximately the same or even less than that of one professional treatment with numerous visits being required for permanent results. According to dermatologists, the average cost of laser hair removal can cost as much as $350-$500 for treatment of a smaller area http://www.docshop.com/education/dermatology/laser-hair-removal/cost Keeping this in mind the price for an at home device seems more reasonable.

Remington makes various devices in the mid price range with a few being on the expensive side. On the more affordable side we have Silk’n Flash & Go which uses IPL technology for permanent results. The only disadvantage is that cartridges are required which can add up over time.

Cordless Or Plug In

Those who want a portable device may want to opt for the Tria 4x. It is portable which makes it a handy device when you are traveling. On the other hand, keep in mind that it will need to be charged. Devices which are plug-in include the Me Smooth from Tanda and Remington IPL6000. A cord means you can use the device for as long as you like and this may be more suitable for those who want to treat large surface areas or their entire body at once. Jacqueline C, beauty editor at Best Beauty Ratings, Beauty Tips & Product Reviews says : “I like the Tria 4x because it’s so compact and portable which makes it easy to lug with me when I’m traveling or abroad and I don’t like dangly cords”.

Still not sure which device to pick? Take a look at Find My Home Laser http://www.findmyhomelaser.com/ in order to find the perfect laser device for your skin tone and hair. Picking the right device can take some time and patience but it’s worth it for fabulous hairless results.

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