Impoverished dreamer? Here’s 7 free wins with better odds than the lottery.

If you’re part of the same generation I am, you’ll be acutely aware of your shit-creek, paddle-less existance. The current vacuum of hope that a monotony of stagnant career momentum, pepetual job uncertainty and living in the middle of a financial human-centipede exudes, can make even the most prudent of us feel like giving in to Ray Winstones floating head on payday. If you fancy a flutter but don’t like gambling; instead of #Remoaning on Twitter with your downtime, here’s seven free options to win everything from a month’s rent to half a million quid without spending a penny.

1. Sky Sports Super 6: £250,000 – £500,000

Every Saturday

Probably the most well known of the lot. It’s the reason my girlfriend even cares in the slightest about football now. Guess the results of six games; if they’re right, you’re in the money. Two to three times per year, they double the prize money, so instead of buying a house in Cleethorpes, you can buy one in Watford. #LivingTheDream

2. Channel 4 Pick 6: £10,000

Every Saturday

Another provided by SkyBet based on a similar premise: Just replace the footballers with stallions. Pick the winner of 6 races — get a full house: Bingo — You’re taking your Nan to Vegas.

3. Fantasy Six-A-Side: £5000

At least once a week

Much like FanDuel & DraftKings, and a whole swathe of other Fantasy Football games, you pick a set of six players from one Barclays Premier League game. If you get the most points (from the worlds most complicated scoring system) you win £5000. Honestly, this one takes a bit more effort than it’s worth, but it’s free & often, and it’ll bag you a solid round or two if you’re having a night out inside the M25 anytime soon.

4. PaddyPower’s Hotshot Jackpot: £250,000

Every Saturday

Another easy one in theory, and winnable even if you know nothing about football, because PaddyPower handily put the striker’s at the top. Pick six players to score anytime in six matches & if the overpaid pre-madonna’s manage it, you’ll never have to deliberate over whether to get the more expensive drink, or the drink you actually want in your meal deal ever again. #Ca$hMoneys

5. Bet Victor Golden Goal: £25,000+

Every Saturday

As simple as they come. Pick a goalscorer from a game. Pick the minute they’ll score in. Bada-bing, Bada-boom, Bada-boarding your new yacht. Obviously, most Yacht’s don’t come in at 25k, but this rolls over and four weeks or so with no winner and you’ll at least be able to afford one of those cruises Rob Brydon is always banging on about.

6. Free Postcode Lottery: £300+


Look, granted; you’re not taking your Nan on a cruise with Bryn from Gavin & Stacey on these winnings, but if you check your email every day anyway and waste a bit of time clicking through legitimate news agency’s Reddit reposts, you might as well get in on this. This ad funded site gives away £300 every day (along with a few other prizes) simply for opening the page up. Enter a postcode and wait for it to drop out of the lottery. If nobody claims, it’s a rollover baby!

7. SpareRoom ‘Live Rent Free’: Your rent for a month


Another simple click and hope. Enter your postcode and it’ll calculate the average rent for your area (do with that information what you will). If you win, instead of handing over more than half your monthly salary to a useless landlord who couldn’t fix a game of pontoon with a child, let alone a shoddy kettle; you can take it out in new fivers and writhe around in it like a budget Scrooge McDuck.

If I’ve missed anything, tell me! You can hit me up on Twitter or come to my lodgings in the middle of the night with bottle of Absolute and a rusty screwdriver.