Amazon’s Entry into the Ad-Free Online Music space

Siji George
Mar 2, 2018 · 3 min read

Was reasonally surprised to see Amazon enter the Music space in India in a big way. Was a user on SoundCloud but that interest to be on that platform had been nearly non-existant for a long time now and this entry did catch my attention.

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Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music service was currently only available to those who owned an Echo smart speaker. Today you can download the Prime Music app via any of the app stores. Existing Prime members will be able to use the music streaming service from the get-go , else one needs to pay an annual subscription fee of Rs 999 to use Prime services that includes Prime Video and now Prime Music. This just amounts to around Rs 83.25 per month, much cheaper than what services like Apple Music and Google Play Music. To make it even sweeter, Airtel postpaid users can avail 1-year FREE Prime service.

Things that stood out for me are:

  • ad-free music streaming,
  • unlimited offline downloads,
  • not cluttered, plain and simple layout
  • voice controlled search with Alexa,
  • automatic download of offline recommendations,
  • stations to listen to your favourite Artists,
  • 12 languages [English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Rajasthani].

Haven’t really explored the extend of the Music available but for me, my taste in music is mostly in “Christian Devotional”. I am happy with the collection that is available. Am impressed, so far with the quality of service in the product.

Already started using the offline downloaded music and hoping to build a good playlist for my time at the gym. Looks like Amazon did solve a lot of things right in getting easy access to music you want to play on the fly.

Some things that I think from a usability perspective they missed are:

  • Multiple clicks needed to add music you like to your custom playlist.
  • Kept getting logged outs after adding 40+ songs on my playlist.
  • Playing songs from a station over time stalls.

India’s digital music industry is expected to reach Rs 3,100 crore in revenue by 2020, having 273 million online music listeners, based on a report by Deloitte last year. In terms of market share, Gaana reported crossing 60 million monthly users, while Saavn reported 22 million users. It is estimated the overall Prime customers to be around 10 million in India.

A competitive pricing metric helped Amazon surpass Netflix in its video offering on Prime, with over 6,00,000 viewers for the video service. Analysts expect its penetration in the music streaming market may be fairly significant through exclusive partnership with labels, discount offers on Prime and its sheer large user base in the marketplace.

Interesting to see the response/reaction from others in the Indian Music space like Gaana, Hungama, Saavn, Wynk, SoundCloud or Apple Music.

Totally recommend for the person who want to consolidate all their music in one place that can be easily accessible on multi-devices and multi-platforms and most importantly playable in an offline mode.

PS: This is my first post on Medium and an aspiring to be PM, so bare with me till I get my writing skills all sorted out :) Hope you still enjoyed the read.

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