I still liked the idea of some sort of hover event for the decision, but I didn’t want to let it get in the way of any regular click. If every click has to have a hover -> click process, it felt like it would become an even bigger process for someone to commit to the click.
The UX of Hyperlinks—Taking it all a step further.
Andrés García

I agree with keeping a simple click action and prescribing the outcome with an icon. One of my UX tenets is “Icons are Esperanto”, everyone requires a definition the first time. Another tenet is avoid duplicating any phrase or symbol. The icons are simple & prescriptive (love Tab triangle, like Window square, In Situ circle feels vague) but I prefer Hover to reveal a text label next to the prescriptive icon with the alternatives icons & labels above/below. Muscle memory is best served if the three options are always in the same order with the developer’s preference dictating the list position.

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