Holy places in Lund

Skånetrafiken was punctual, this meant that I could leave at 7:01 and could take the connection with the Øresund train in Ramlösa towards Lund and today’s hike “Holy places in Lund.”

A cheese and ham baguette + a latte from the sandwich shop in Klippan station building became today’s breakfast. They make wonderful sandwiches and you have to try them if you are nearby. New batteries for my Garmin GPS device was needed and it was to stop and shop at ICA in Lund. Then it was off to the starting point for the day’s hiking, the Labyrinth at the Dom Square.

The entire walk is like a labyrinth, you never crosses the path that you have gone past and the goal is the starting point. Are you interested in this hike? Visit paxwalk.com and select the trail, Holy places in Lund.

The walk is a processions walk which takes place August 15 each year. It will also be publish in a book by Anna Alebo about this procession tour later this year.

27 holy places along the road through a beautiful and picturesque Lund, many small alleys and streets, with plenty of cafés and restaurants along the way. This allows you to pause as much as you want along the scant mile (9.9 km) as you walk. It may be necessary, in order to take in all the history and culture that you are offered along the way.

If you do not run through the tour, then calculate 3–4 hours depending on how many and long pauses / breaks you add.

It is ideal to get to Lund with Skånetrafiken, you are doing yourself and the environment a big favor by taking public transport.

Lightweight hiking shoes or sandals are enough and a small backpack for ev. rain gear and a water bottle, which should always be present when you are out walking. Do you crave for fruit, as you pass Mårtens square with lovely fruit stand or there are small shops along the way.

I myself had a free coffee when I arrived at the All Saints Church, they had an open house for Pokemon players so it was a hive of activity and perfect for me. When I stand and enjoying my coffee and chatting with the staff as a reporter from Skånskan and wondering if she can take some pictures, of course, she gets it but I wonder in my own mind if it’s because I look like a Pokemon figure, I tell a little about the walk and about Anna Alebos book coming out this fall. Hope it comes an article, with good PR for pilgrimages, and especially for this trek to the Holy places in Lund.


Type of walk:
City Walking Tour, 9.9 km away. 4 of 5 shoes

We pass a few parks and green spaces, but it is a walking tour. 2 of 5 trees

From the Middle Ages to the present day, you can take as much as you want. An excellent guidebook is Anna Alebos book and you can download the app with all information from Paxwalk.com or Pilgrimsvagen.se. 5 AV5 listed buildings

Food and drink:
There are hundreds of restaurants, cafés and shops along the way. 5 of 5 menus

A wide range of hotels and other accommodation, but expect big city prices and it is relatively low on B & Bs and hostels in Lund. 4 of 5 Beds

Map and guidebook:
The trail is marked out to Sankt Jorgen Park, but there is an excellent map online Paxwalk.com that you can print and in addition to the map, you can also download the app with descriptions of the road and the holy places all of this is free. And as always, you can contact me or the pilgrim center in Lund if you need help with anything. 5 of 5 maps

Well met on this journey. I went on the 26th July 2016

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