Finding Food on the Fly: Behind Twizoo’s ‘Near Me’ Bubble Madness

In the olden days of 2014, we found ourselves typing desperate phrases into Google such as “coffee near me”…*ugh c’mon*… “coffee near me NOW Southbank”… *sigh*.. “coffee RIGHT NOW near me 22 Upper Ground London, United Kingdom SE1 9PD asdfjkl;qwo48”…

You get the picture. It was this type of frustration that led Team Twizoo to develop our unorthodox approach to ‘Near Me.’ We wanted to make the whole process of finding tasty food and drinks nearby a lot faster — and more stylish. We were tired of scrolling through lists and deciphering ambiguously sorted results. We wanted to cut to the chase — good food that’s close by. Gone are the days of trying to navigate an unnecessarily complex app brimming with boring blocks of text in an attempt to find restaurants in the area. Instead, we wanted Twizoo to find the best places nearby with zero taps required so that users could make quick decisions on the fly without having to jump through any hoops. Because, let’s be honest — when you are #hangry, you are NOT in the mood to read reviews for a colossal list of “3.5 star” places (Too good to be bad? Vice versa? No one knows). Twizoo skips over the 50 Shades of Grey Area and does the difficult thinking for you.

We keep it simple… but different. With Twizoo, all one must do is open the app to find places to eat and drink near you. If you want to be choosy and only search for burgers nearby (scientifically proven hangover cure), you can. But instead of items on a list, places appear as different sized bubbles that are color coded like a traffic light: green = good, red = ewwww. The bigger the bubble, the more people have been chatting about it recently! Not only are the bubbles aesthetically pleasing (c’mon admit it, bubbles are the new black), but they help you make your decision faster. No lists, no fuss — just find the hidden gems nearby while avoiding the sketchy kebab shop around the corner that is perpetually empty for some reason…

Now, the Twizoo bubbles have led to some user controversy; users either love or hate our bubbles. But to us, any press is good press. We like the debate and we like challenging the conventions of lists.

And the best part about it: Twizoo’s ‘Near Me’ bubbles are always changing. That hot bar near your office last week — bubbling big and green to the top — might be dethroned to a red bubble tonight because of a #DrunkGirl incident over the weekend. Twizoo taps into the crowd wisdom of the millions of ‘real-time Tweeters’ out there to surface nearby places with the freshest recommendations, guaranteed.

Over the next two weeks, we encourage you to put Twizoo’s ‘Near Me’ to the test to find a new spot — maybe a new coffee place along your walk to work, or a new brunch locale near your flat. Whatever the place may be, Tweet about it using #NewSpotsNearMe to enter to win £25. Remember, go for green.

Can’t wait to give Twizoo’s ‘Near Me’ a spin, but don’t have the app? Get it here for iOS or here for Android.

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