• Erin


    1girl. 140 characters.

  • Bruce Knotts

    Bruce Knotts

    Former Peace Corps Volunteer and retired U.S. Diplomat with 25 years service. I now direct the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office

  • Gian Angelo Geminiani

    Gian Angelo Geminiani

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Botika. Passionate startupper, hungry developer and a little foolish

  • Margi Murphy

    Margi Murphy

    Senior reporter at @computerworlduk and @techworldnews. Graduate from @UCDDublin and @Cityjournalism Stories to margi_murphy@idg.co.uk

  • Julie Klimt

    Julie Klimt

    CEO & Founder @Shopmarkme. Marketer. Passionate about enriching the shopping experience for consumers and helping retailers find new customers. SOCIAL | MOBILE

  • Tom Walker

    Tom Walker

    Playing in the sandbox.

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