The Engine Behind Twizoo

At Twizoo, we have one mission: To be the best at automatically surfacing customer opinions from social media, and delivering them to the world.

Why is this our mission? We believe the customer generated content space is broken.

Let’s take our favorite example — customer reviews.

There are thousands of companies that list products or places and ask their users to leave reviews about their experiences — think TripAdvisor, Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes, Amazon, and the list goes on. These companies spend millions of dollars encouraging users to leave reviews and spend millions more moderating the fake or problematic content. Without plenty of recent customer opinions, conversion is in big danger. So… around and around we go.

Social media has an endless stream of organic customer opinions, for free, and we’ve found that Twitter alone has 700% MORE customer opinions than traditional review sites!

This shouldn’t come as a surprise — when’s the last time you logged onto to leave a review about a product you just bought? Probably never. You may have however snapped a selfie flaunting your new purchase on Instagram. Same goes for that great dinner you had with your friends at that new restaurant last night. Wouldn’t it be great to at least balance the pricey review content with some heartfelt, genuine social content?

In the early days at Twizoo, we realized there’s no easy way to surface these customer opinions left on social media. The ‘social sphere’ is jam-packed with noise, irrelevant content, off-brand material, and just plain nonsense. Before Twizoo, no one had organized this content reliably at scale. Anyone who’s played around with social data understands this. Just try searching Twitter for the word “Scarpetta” and parse out which posts are talking about the popular book character vs. the NYC restaurant vs. slipper/shoe in Italian — and that’s one of the easier examples.

There are plenty of products that filter social media content based on keywords, hashtags, or even topics. However, given the inevitable noise from this simplistic approach, these products must also offer a manual curation feature or service to transform their feeds into a high-quality and relevant collection. This human-based step painfully limits the possibilities and benefits of social media data. Imagine curating feeds for 100,000+ pages in a restaurant discovery product. Or, for 10,000 clothing items for a brand’s online store. The human curation efforts would be huge, not to mention costly — and ultimately, prevents companies from integrating and scaling customer generated content from social media. There simply isn’t a clever enough magnet to find the needles in the ever-mounting haystack.

About two years ago, we launched the Twizoo App as a first step towards our mission of being the best at automatically surfacing customer opinions left on social media, and delivering them to the world. Since then, we’ve realized an important point about our mission — we’re tackling two problems at once. The first is the content surfacing problem, and the second is delivering it to the world. The former is our strength, and has not being solved by anyone else. The latter, arguably, has been solved well by other players.

And as a team, it makes sense to focus exclusively on the content surfacing problem — where our differentiating technology and core strengths can make the biggest impact towards our mission. Imagine if you could plug-in relevant customer opinions from social media instantly across all of your pages. No costly curation or human moderation needed in-house or outsourced. No need to configure streams, keywords or hashtags. Your inventory is automatically connected to relevant social content whenever you add a new page. Pretty cool, huh? Well, welcome to Twizoo.

Starting today, we’re entering a new phase of Twizoo, though the mission remains the same: To be the best at automatically surfacing customer opinions on social media, and delivering them to the world. The world, however, is no longer just through our product — it’s anyone’s.

We’re doubling down our focus to let others easily deliver the fresh, relevant customer content that Twizoo has surfaced from social media to their world — on their own product, across all of their pages, and without human curation. We’ve been testing alongside some of industry leaders that rely on customer-generated content to drive conversion. And we think we’ve cracked it. We can’t wait to show you this live in the coming months, so stay tuned.

If you’d like a sneak peak demo of social content baked into your own product, get in touch here.

A note to our Twizoo App users:

For the thousands of people who use the Twizoo app loyally, we thank you…

You were the first ones to wrap your arms around the concept of social opinions powering your decisions. You are our first proof point that consumers care about social content in this way. You shared our mission with passion. Despite the fact that Team Twizoo is beginning to focus on a new area, the Twizoo app will remain in the wild, always pulling in customer opinions in real time and giving you recommendations. If you have any feedback, you know where to find us.