The Boy Who Cried White Wolf: On Polygon’s The Witcher 3 Review
Adrian Chmielarz

This was a good article. I don’t get the game until retail next week myself, but I have been reading some reviews here and there, and after reading the polygon review, then this. I can see a lot of the points you are making against the reviewers points.

One thing I personally content with is the “non-white” aspect. While I personally understand the world this is based around and what the demographic of people they inherently draw from, Gies could be refering to the fact that having no “non-whites” is an inherent flaw in a lot of games. Adding diversity (when appropriate) should be at the forefront of developers minds when crafting their story/world. To the Witcher series, I always looked at monsters and other races (elves, dwarves, etc) as the “non-white” peoples.

Regardless, good read, thanks for posting it

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