Our Favorite Krabi Hangouts

Chilling out in Southern Thailand

With its towering limestone cliffs, quaint cafes and being just a short jaunt to beautiful beaches, this quiet riverside town stole our hearts.

So far in our travels it has become a routine to check Google or Trip Adviser before venturing out of the hotel to at least to have a list of backups for when we strike out in finding food on our own (let’s be honest, that happens more often than you expect when you can’t read street signs). In Krabi we were pleasantly surprised by the lack of tourists but this also meant that many of the suggested little cafes and restaurants were closed until high season. We got our bearings straight in a couple of days and found our hangouts in Krabi town.

Our Favorite Spots…

Inside the Art of Tea Cafe

The Art of Tea
We stumbled upon the Art of Tea after we found our intended breakfast shop was closed for the season. It’s a tiny coffee shop right on the water run by two lovely young thai gals, who make a mean 1 dollar (B30) french toast and pull great espresso.

This is also a great spot to get work done. We would hang out here for a few hours after eating breakfast and use the free wifi.

They are closed over the weekend, however, so keep that in mind should you find yourself craving some french toast and latte.

Mr. Krab-i
This trip advisor suggestion was spot on. Mr. Krab-i’s was an awesome little bar and restaurant. We had a long wonderful conversation with the owner Max (we closed the bar down) and he gave us some amazing ideas on a few projects we are trying to get up and running.

The cocktails, family atmosphere, and great music makes Mr. Krab-i a must visit when staying in Krabi.

Mr. Krab-i Bar


Fubar our favorite reggae chillout Spot

We spent a whole evening hanging out in this funky Reggae bar listening to live music with the locals. It’s hard to spot from the street but if you venture into the little ally you will find a handcrafted wooden hideaway run by a Thai-Rasta who aptly goes by the name Wood.

The bar is built from hand carved wood that was once part of Wood’s old bar. His first bar was housed in an old ship which was destroyed in the Tsunami. Thankfully much of the wood survived and now makes up the incredible and intricate interior of Fubar complete with loft, hand crafted tables, insanely detailed sculptures, fountains and garden swings.

Night Market by the River
Our first really pleasant street food experience was here. The market is set up with a number of independently run street vendors, each with their own little seating area. We tried a couple and settled on one run by a family from Myanmar. They were warm and welcoming and remembered us when we came back the next night.

The market is filled with the locals of Krabi while still being accessible to westerners. This was where we found some of the best 1–3 dollar meals we’ve had and by far the best Pad Thai.

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