My Keto Aide Drink Recipe that replenishes your Electrolytes

I was visiting my in-laws during the second week of my keto diet. They was having a barbecue and did really well with my eating. Avoided the carbs such macaroni and cheese, Cole slaw, potato chips, bake beans, and many other favorite BBQ side dishes.

I went all in on the MEAT!!!! I was hearing Ving Rames doing an Arby’s commericial “WE HAVE THE MEAT

Overall I got to nearly 3,000 calories that day.

But I wasn’t 100% keto compliant because I had 1 Light beer and shot of vodka.

Later on the night my body was hurting!

I was starting to get extremely light headed and week. It felt like I was having a hang over due to excessive drinking, but I didn’t.

I concluded that this little amount of alcohol and all that protein gave me the Keto Flu.

Instead of getting my usual hangover relief “Dr Pepper” I found Powerade ZERO. I remembered that Keto will drain your electrolytes. I need to add back that potassium, sodium, and minerals back into my body.

Powerade Zero is sugar free and nearly zero carbs. Purchased the grape flavor and salty peanuts. Immediately, I felt better!

The following day I visited Walmart to stock up on Powerade.

Standing in the front of the drink aisle I started to look at the ingredients. That’s when it dawned on me.

I can get these ingredients and put it together myself.

During my research I recalled that Potassium was the important ingredient. Lot of the pill form of potassium only has 99 MG which amounts to less than 3% of daily requirements. Not sure why that is the upper limit for Potassium.

So I went to the spice aisle looking for Himalayan salt that is known to have vital minerals and stumbled upon LITE Salt.

Looking at the label it was 50% salt and potassium . A 1/4 of teaspoon equals to over 25% of potassium requirement.

And it was only $2!!!!

  1. Pink Himalayan Salt
  2. Lite Salt
  3. Salt
  4. Lemon Juice
  5. Mineral Water
  6. Magnesium Citrate (in the health Aisle next to Pepto Bismal)
  7. Apple Cider Vinegar (optional)

Every morning I mix this in a small water bottle. This is mix is highly concentrated because I fill my normal water bottle and add a couple of ounces of my ketoAide drink.

Shake the drink and sip it throughout the day.

Now I purposely removed the amount to put in. This is because you need to portion the amount that you are comfortable with. I like mine more salty because I end up diluting it when I mix it with regular water.

This was the magic potion to get me thru my keto diet.

I drink this every day and it’s like liquid gold.

Hope this helps relieve your Keto Flu, Let me know what you think in the comments.

Originally published at Thomas Wooldridge.

Expanding my Territory in the Digital Age! #ProjectManager #SocialMedia #Marketing Follow #twool9 blog Portfolio

Expanding my Territory in the Digital Age! #ProjectManager #SocialMedia #Marketing Follow #twool9 blog Portfolio