As usual, the conservatives try to re-invent a process when the real process doesn’t agree with…
Mitch Lyle

Actually the problem comes in with incorrect predictions, manipulated / changed raw data, and an almost militant religious desire to shout down anyone who questions the findings.

So your comment really should be “ unfortunately, the reports based on altered and adjusted data, didn’t agree with the rights conclusions based on UN-adjusted and unaltered data”. Hence remove experts that may be biased in their manipulation of data.

I do not know enough about the data to argue for or against the validity of man made global warming. However I do know 2 things with absolute certainty…. 1. the data set is absolutely manipulated and altered and without these alterations, there is very little if any warming observed. 2. there is Tons of money in studying global warming and tons of political desire to show human causation so humans, with tons of money, can presumably fix it. These two things should make everyone somewhat skeptical.

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