Hmmm…I was wondering where all the Trump worshipers were today.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Again, Trump is not my guy and I would like nothing more than to see Pense take over as soon as possible.

Second, its cute how you feel compelled to defend all of Obama’s various and numerous scandals. In doing so, you prove my point. All these things that look terrible but perhaps had no evidence. Sounds pretty much exactly like what we have here yet you are completely on board with this nonsense and will vigorously defend Obama’s MUCH more serious allegations. Its interesting.

So funny…… Trumps team actually talked with Russian officials! Can you believe it! There has been no evidence of any collusion in the election or actually effective tampering by Russians that impacted the election but they actually had the nerve to talk to Russians! Compared to …”deleted emails during an investigation…oh those were just personal emails..we assume”, “ A husband meeting behind closed doors with the person who would be prosecuting his wife who is under active investigation…oh that was clearly just a friendly meeting”, “money at night, in foreign currency, secretly, during a prisoner exchange to Iran…oh we owed that to a stated enemy of the state so its fine”. Simply hilarious.

I respect you and I would respect it if you stated that this noise was effective at derailing and distracting Trump from accomplishing his agenda so it is justified. That I can see. However to think, based on anything that has come out so far that this is grounded in any sort of fact….well, did you hear Obama was not even American and forged his birth certificate? {que the conspiracy music}

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