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Am I against the first Amendment? That’s news to me. I am actually quite glad they are doing their job now since they have been largely sleeping for about 8 years. I suppose they are making up for lost time simply making huge issues our of relatively inconsequential topics and creating drama where little exists. Glad to see some sign of life outside of hard hitting questions like “Mr. Obama what have you found to be the most enchanting thing about the White House in your first 30 days?” They should have been asking “ We have to pass it to know what is in it…Seriously?” or “Where exactly did that Trillion in stimulus money go?” or “why exactly did the IRS director take the 5th and retire if nothing was wrong”?

the point is they have lost credibility with a large portion of the population. What was once news and commentary is now Commentary and some news that fits our desired narrative. Some stations do it for both sides of course. It does not serve the interest of the American people.

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