You’re right.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

And the buyer has a choice to have a gay wedding or not. I assume you will not allow the florist to determine whether the buyer can have a wedding at all. Why would you give a buyer such undeserved power over the actions of another individual just because they have a desire for performance?

I understand your commitment to rigidly following the law. I assume you are as rigid on enforcing immigration law. Perhaps similar to how I feel these laws clearly violate personal freedom, you feel that immigration law has some real problems.

You properly defined many of the choices you are affording to the business owner. What about a choice afforded to the buyer….simply go somewhere else. The customer is not required to purchase from a “company store” nor is this store the only provider available. Why exactly in a free exchange of goods and services would you only demand accommodation from one party?

As I said before, the florist simply needs to say “ You look like a Trump supporting Alt Right racist so I cant provide custom flowers for your gay wedding.” I suppose that would be fine to many just like the Rockettes choosing not to perform when a customer (Donald Trump) desired to purchase their services. Perhaps people want to enforce the law to mean,no discrimination (ie choice) of any kind for any reason. Perhaps No one should be allowed to deny any service to anyone for any reason that they typically provide to others. At least that would be consistent, Freedom be damned….

Again, I think your proposals make perfect sense….for standard products. I agree a business should not be able to refuse to sell a flower off the shelf or a cake from under the glass to someone just because of their prejudice or bias. You should not be able to stop a white person from wearing your dress design or attending your concert. However when we require someone to dedicate their custom time, energy, creativity and talents toward something, the concept of individual freedom should dictate that they get a choice in whether they are willing to commit their finite and unique abilities to the event, cause, customer or end product.

Look I understand “The law”. I am saying that like laws saying its illegal to conduct certain sex acts in ones own home or laws saying a black person can’t do this or that…sometimes the laws are simply getting it wrong. In this case the laws are anti freedom and they are wrong.