The whole “creative and artistic” argument was brought up in court by Barronelle’s lawyers.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

As I said, I completely disagree with the court. I disagree that the court can say if you paint something its creative enough to allow you to refuse to provide a service but if you design custom cakes or flower arrangements its not. Its similar to them saying well your wedding was only slightly gay so you don’t qualify for protections but it its REALLY gay….you are covered.

I also disagree that providing services for any activity one finds offensive can not be seen as supporting the event. Do you see the artists who performed for Trump as “supporting Trump”? MANY do. I wonder why boycotts are called for with those that perform for Trump, visit his hotels or design dresses for Melania? Of course and very clearly, the very act of being associated with an event can evoke the idea of support by some. Liberals very actions undermine this argument.

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