AND the law says you can not discriminate! what is so freaking hard to understand!
Susan Pundy

But you discriminate every day. You decide to visit this store instead of that one for a reason personal to you. You decide to buy from this sales person over that one for a reason personal to you. You decide to accept this offer of company instead of another for a reason personal to you.

I agree that anti discrimination laws often outweigh the normally paramount personal freedom rights relative to a successful society. This falls under the basic right of “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. It is not right to limit access to society (ie the pursuit of happiness) due to uncontrollable factors such as race, gender, disability. Religion is not an uncontrollable factor but a special accommodation is provided by the Constitution, like it or not. Other factors are controllable and people should be free to react, within the constraints of protective laws, to another persons decisions. If a person chooses to wear a thong and adorn themselves with gummy bears (a choice), an employer should be able to react to this.. I assume negatively, yet they still can’t assault the individual. This sort of law affords a protection from the reaction of others for a free personal choice, one’s sexual preferences in this case. The law should not demand acceptance of personals choices from others regardless of the choice. People should not be able to mistreat people but they should be able to avoid treating them any way at all. In other words, they should be able to refuse to make a KKK cake, they should should not be able to piss in it.