While Republicans may not know how insurance works, you just showed that you actually don’t know…
Keith Evans

First, please look up “insurance” by definition. When you force coverage of conditions that already exist, that is no longer insurance. I do know that much.

You are absolutely correct that society already bares the cost of those who are unable to pay for their healthcare. The ACA did not change this. In fact, cost have continues to rise and deductibles have risen dramatically so that the quality of insurance is poor for many who think a $5000 deductible may as well be $50,000. Neither is getting paid.

The unpaid costs do get added to service costs by hospitals and other providers and the insurance companies are the primary ones using economies of scale to attempt to limit the increases in costs. How did it work out when the Government tried to limit the cost of fuel in spite of market forces under Carter? Do we want that for healthcare?

Again… youtube, look up “Remy: People will die!” and see how shallow and silly all that “you just want people to die nonsense is. Such a poor argument. No one wants people to die due to lack of basic medical care. Republicans in general would just rather not destroy the system that works for about 90% of the population and kills entry level jobs in the process. We are all ears on figuring out how to assist the remaining 10%. I propose a charity hospital system that is taxpayer / public sector donation funded using services such as Planned Parenthood (if they stop focusing on primarily promoting abortion services), various charity hospitals such as Shriners or St Judes and an orgainzation like the government run VA (assuming the Obama administration stops letting them die waiting for service).