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Government should seldom be “for or against” something or someone. It should however always seek to fully inform consumers in a free market and hold people responsible for their own decisions. This could easily be applied here.

The law should require that every entity post their restroom policy if it is non standard (ie women in womens rooms and men in mens) and consumers can make a choice to attend the event or not. If their policy exposes individuals to unnecessary risk (such as men in women’s restrooms), they should be held responsible in court. If there is no risk, there is no problem and the issue resolves itself. If there is a problem, the economics of the situation will remedy it without government interference.

So if the NCAA is so committed to erasing the natural lines between women and men, they should be allowed to do that. They should also be sued if anyone is victimized as a result of their choice. Until then, we can anxiously await the NCAA’s decision to combine men and women’s sports. I know they are right on top of that since there is no distinction between men and women.

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